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If you want to join the Society, we recommend not to do it out of boredom. Admittedly, it is a valuable signal for change but not always proper advisor for what to do with our inner discontent. Yet, the access to the Society is entirely free of charge so you have nothing to lose but your boredom – so maybe it’s worth considering.

What are the benefits of membership though? As a member you shall


Receive our unique newsletter bi-monthly including the news about the very recent calls for papers, events, and publications about boredom and similar states – thus, be kept updated about what other boredom researchers are doing worldwide and what is going on in boredom studies.


Have special discounts for presentation and attendance in the future Boredom Conferences and others prospective initiatives of the Society.


Have the opportunity to share and promote your boredom-related calls for papers, initiatives, lectures and/or publications with the rest of the members through our website (they will be included directly on the website and/or include in our newsletter).


Be able to share the media coverage of your work on boredom with the rest of the members through our website.


Keep in touch with a network of boredom researchers worldwide, find collaborators, or inspiration for future studies.


Be a part of a new, exciting, and growing interdisciplinary field and participate in making the history.

To become a member, please write to or fill our registration form