The international peer-reviewed Journal of Boredom Studies (JBS), published by the International Society of Boredom Studies annually, is a multidisciplinary and open-access forum for theoretical and empirical advancements in all areas of boredom studies providing relevant material from a variety of academic disciplines, including, but not limited to, Animal Studies, Anthropology, Architecture, Cultural Studies, Education, History, Literary Studies, Management, Philosophy, Political Studies, Psychology, and Sociology. It covers topics referring to boredom (and similar states like melancholy, ennui, tedium, etc.), embracing, among others, its conceptualization; cultural and societal representations, perceptions, forms, and functions; characteristics; causes/correlates, and consequences/outcomes. It aims to promote and disseminate multidisciplinary research on boredom, facilitate the advancement of knowledge concerning boredom, and give visibility and access to scientific papers on boredom.

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Current IssueNo 1 (2022)

Published August 11, 2022

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