Projects on Boredom

The Boredom Lab is a team of curious, engaged, collaborative researchers led by Dr. John Eastwood. We are located in the department of Psychology at York University. The Boredom Lab is dedicated to deepening our understanding of boredom. We draw comprehensively from a range of psychological research methodologies, including social, cognitive, and clinical perspectives.

We’re encouraging adults in isolation including those in hospital to find ways to change time into an opportunity and bring fresh ideas to help spark the imagination… This is now relevant to everyone in lock-down.

The Boring Conference is a one-day celebration of the mundane, the ordinary, the obvious and the overlooked; subjects often considered trivial and pointless, but when examined more closely reveal themselves to be deeply fascinating.

The Eden Alternative® is an international, non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to creating quality of life for Elders and their care partners, wherever they may live. Together, care partner teams strive to enhance well-being by eliminating the three plagues of loneliness, helplessness, and boredom.

The Ibero-American Society for Pessimism Studies (SIEP) aims to support and promote specialized research on pessimism. With the foundation of this society it is intended to spread, in Latin America, the philosophical current called pessimism. Similarly, we try to establish contact with the various associations, societies and groups dedicated to the investigation and dissemination of pessimism.

Bringing science to life…

Their aim is to spark the imagination with creative workshops and approaches to learning about science. 

Their workshops pioneering the teaching of science through art have engaged and inspired thousands of people of all ages. 

Improving Life, one fold at a time…

Registered Community Interest Company dedicated exclusively to the art and science of origami. A highly motivated, experienced and enthusiastic team who advocate passionately the mental health benefits of the practice of origami. difficult times.

The SOCOUL Lab at the Department of Psychology in the University of Limerick takes a social cognitive perspective on addressing emotions, the self, political cognition, decision making, and person perception. It consists of a combination of undergraduate students, PhD-students, lecturers. Research of the SOCOUL Lab is dedicated to social psychology, primarily rooted in social cognition, and it branches into other subdisciplines of psychology and neighbouring fields such as neuroscience, linguistics, sociology, and philosophy.  

We study boredom in a wide range of ways. We use behavioural tasks like foraging that pit exploration against exploitation, sustained attention tasks that are by design monotonous and dull, and executive control tasks that tap into the capacity for self-control.

Series of posts on BOREDOM & AGING by Josefa Ros Velasco on the Blog “To Age in Society” at CENIE‘s Website. 

Boutheina Boukhalfa, one of the presenters at the 4th International Interdisciplinary Boredom Conference, has this blog where she documents and shares her thoughts on not only books, but on journaling, writing, interiors, plants, and all the little in-between things that she enjoys the most. 

Futebol Viral is an interactive platform designed to engage men and to mitigate the Covid-19 spike in domestic violence as a result of #boredom during lockdown.


The PICT has joint our network. Know more about their Let’s Get Bored podcast series by our member Salamis Aysegul Sentug